Profiting from Diversity

Markets are diverse, suppliers are diverse, your customers are diverse; your teams must shift quickly to meet business needs. Diversity can and should be more than a nod to legal compliance. Research confirm that diversity yields direct business benefits.

Harnessing disruptive Trends

Globalization, aging population and digitalization foster new business models. Establishing the suitable  Talent of Network helps smart firms to attract and hire the right talent in the right place at the right time. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, are powerful channels for talent sourcing.

Strategic Matter

The scarcity of resources and today’s market volatility set the stage for enormous opportunities in the future.

NEXPOTENTIAL wealth of experience, strategic thinking and pragmatisms help corporations to find, develop and engage high-potential talents for their business needs.

Unexpected Hiring Lessons from CEOs

Leadeship, Executive Hiring
24 Sep 2015
by Guy Djopmo

Focus on Your 20% Spike

Resilience, Self-Improvement, Leadership
31 Aug 2015
by Guy Djopmo

Embrace Unconventional Leadership Instincts

Leadership Development, People Management
28 Jul 2015
by Guy Djopmo

Upgrade Your Cultural Intelligence

Intercultural Awareness
24 Jun 2015
by Guy Djopmo

What About Leading by Question?

Persuasion, Question Based Selling, Communication
04 May 2015
by Guy Djopmo

6 Actionable Principles to Harness Gender Intelligence in Negotiations

Leadership, Diversity, Gender Intelligence
03 Apr 2015
by Guy Djopmo
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