Unexpected Hiring Lessons from CEOs

Thu 24 Sep 2015

Imagine there are 7 bright talents working in a large corporation. They are all senior vice-presidents and they are all around the same age: 42 years old. They are successful, they are alumni from the best business schools and universities, they have positive attitudes, they ...

Focus on Your 20% Spike

Mon 31 Aug 2015

In the 19th century, the economist Vilfredo Pareto found that in all societies, a small minority of top earners, meaning about 20% always accounted for about 80% of the wealth. Today for great companies, it boils down to the fact that 20 percent of their activities and investments usually generate 80 percent of the valuable Output.

Embrace Unconventional Leadership Instincts

Tue 28 Jul 2015

The conventional wisdom showcases leaders as people who are always in control and capable to hide their flaws. Ingrained in most of us are deep and almost sacred beliefs about what leadership ought to be. In other words the conventional leader is heroic, favors get things done rather than reflecting how they are ...

Upgrade Your Cultural Intelligence

Wed 24 Jun 2015

No doubt, cultural intelligence is a critical success factor in business. Drawing on workshops, projects and empirical research from transaction success stories and failures, we have identified six principles which are fundamental to capitalize on national culture differences in venture deals, namely:

What About Leading by Question?

Mon 04 May 2015

People always stop what they’re doing to answer questions because they were raised to be polite and ignoring a question is considered rude. That is why even if you are in the middle of important conversation and someone interrupts you to ask what time it is, you feel compelled to answer.

6 Actionable Principles to Harness Gender Intelligence in Negotiations

Fri 03 Apr 2015

To begin, we must first agree that gender and gender roles are not similar. Gender represents our human nature and it’s chromosomally locked in our brain, meaning it cannot be changed because it is “hard wired”. Gender roles define the behaviors that the society and we ourselves decide we should fulfill as men and women. Thus gender roles are “soft-wired”.

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