Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Few factors have a direct impact on a corporation's lasting growth and success as the quality of its talents. Partnering with NEXPOTENTIAL will energize your organization and will inspire your talents to exceed your expectations.

We turn talent search challenges into actionable acquisition steps and improved performance. We identify high-potential candidates and select the most relevant talents for our clients.

Our unparallel seven-steps sourcing process allow us to create value for all stakeholders. Unlike traditional executive search companies, we ingeniously interact with candidates in a peer-to-peer relationship that fosters respect, transparency and trust.

Key Items (samples)
  • Leadership Expectations
  • Job Requirements
  • Organization Culture
  • Venture Business Model
  • Company Strategic Goals
  • Critical Success Factors
Key Outcomes (sample)
  • Talent Search Profil

Key Items (samples)
  • Social Networks
  • Talent Communities
  • Passive Candidates
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Geographic Focus
  • Direct Approaches
Key Outcomes (sample)
  • Candidates’ Long-List

Key Items (samples)
  • Resume Consonance
  • Achievements & Failures
  • Functional Competences
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Media Screen
  • Reference Interviews
Key Outcomes (sample)
  • Candidates’ Heatmap

Key Items (samples)
  • Education Verification
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • NEXPOTENTIAL 4P Interviews
  • Leadership Potential Discovery
  • NEXPOTENTIAL Recommendation
Key Outcomes (sample)
  • Profiles’ Analysis

Key Items (samples)
  • Candidate Coaching
  • Client Interviews
  • Executive Debriefing
  • Hiring Decision
  • Recruitment Facilitation
Key Outcomes (sample)
  • Decision Scorecard

Key Items (Samples)

•  Mediation
•  Emotional Intelligence
•  Value Creation and Delivery
•  Cost-Risk-Benefit Analysis
•  Clarity and Next Steps

Key Outcomes (Sample)

•  Consolidated Contract and Sign-off

Key Items (samples)
  • Transition Coaching
  • 360° Feedback
  • Point of Contact
Key Outcomes (sample)
  • Onboarding Plan

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