Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

In order to succeed your company needs talents capable to translate your business strategy into successful practices. The talent strategy not just outlines the organizational capabilities and competencies required to sustainably establish your business model but moreover distinctive guidelines, objectives and initiatives for talent search and selection, talent development and engagement, succession planning and team effectiveness.

Drawing on our PODE framework, we devise enduring talent strategies for corporations. The PODE framework includes five dimensions, namely Why? How? What? When? and Who?

  1. Why questions capture the priorities laid out in your company’s business model and business strategy agenda.
  2. How questions spell out your offering in terms of employee branding, corporate culture, performance systems and HR capabilities.
  3. What questions elucidate the competencies, experiences and team structures required to meet your venture’s imperatives.
  4. When questions clear up your talent roadmap, talent audit approach and organizational agility.
  5. Who questions determine the right talent profile in terms of current performance, emotional expensiveness, and leadership potential required.

An integrated talent strategy allows you to chart the path to business success through holistic and tangible actions.

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